A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


18.00 The Smith Institute and the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

Can we make a just transition to a green economy?

How can we invest in a just transition to a net zero emission economy that does not come at a high cost to some employees and regions?


Speakers: Kwasi Kwarteng MP (Minister of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) – invited; Vicky Ford MP (Member, House of Commons Science and Technology Committee); Sarah Newton MP (Member of the Conservative Environment Network); Claire Perry MP (President of the 2020 UN Climate Change Summit) - invited; Cllr Doug McMurdo (Chair of LAPFF); Chair: Richard Graham MP


08.30 Openreach

Manchester Central : LondonLounge

How do we deliver the UK’s Ultrafast future?

Openreach is hosting a panelled event in the London Lounge on how to deliver the UK’s Ultrafast future?


09.00 Institute of Economic Affairs

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Paternalism Overload: Has the Nanny State gone too far?

Public health policy is dominated by puritanical objectives, but what is the right balance between protecting the vulnerable and the freedom of adults


Force is a tactic used by politicians of all parties when it comes to controlling our lifestyles and personal decision-making. From banning adverts of strawberries and cream on public transport, to Scotland's minimum alcohol pricing policy, our public health policy has become dominated by puritan objectives. What is the right balance between protecting the vulnerable and the freedom of adults? What are the differences between public and private health issues? Has the Nanny State gone too far?

10.00 NHS Confederation

Hilton Manchester Deansgate : Meeting Rooms 2, 3 & 4

The NHS in a post-Brexit world

Leading figures from politics and health and social care explore the impact of the UK’s biggest decision on its most loved institution


Leading commentators and representatives from the NHS Confederation-led Brexit Health Alliance and the Cavendish Coalition discuss the challenges facing the NHS and possible solutions. Speakers include Vicky Ford MP, Camilla Tominey (Associate Editor, Telegraph), Mike Thompson (Chief Executive, The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry), Nadra Ahmed OBE (Chairman, National Care Association). Chaired by Niall Dickson (Chief Executive, NHS Confederation).

13.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with TheCityUK

Manchester Central : Central 5

Innovating for the Future – challenges and opportunities for the financial and related professional services industry

Panel discussion with MPs and senior industry figures on the challenges and opportunities for the financial and related professional services industry


TheCityUK is the industry-led body representing financial and related professional services (FRPS). The panel will focus on the future challenges and opportunities for industry, how businesses are responding to innovation, and the future skills needs of FRPS. We promote policies that drive competitiveness, support job creation and ensure long-term growth. The industry contributes over 10% of the UK’s total output and employs 2.3 million people, with two thirds of these jobs outside London.

17.30 Smart Energy GB

Manchester Central : Central 7

What Does the Smart Energy Future Look Like for Consumers?

As the energy system is currently undergoing a digital transformation, we will explore what the smart energy future could look like for consumers


Have you ever thought about who you may be buying your energy from in five to ten years’ time? Could it be as part of a bundled package with your phone line and internet? Direct from your neighbour? Or even with your monthly TV streaming subscription? With the smart meter rollout supporting a digital transformation in our energy sector, and as more and more innovative products and services are introduced to market, we will explore what the smart energy future could look like for consumers.

18.00 IPPR North & West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Manchester Central : Exchange 7

The Transport Infrastructure Revolution: Why We Need It and How We Can Get It

Panel Discussion


This event will explore what more needs to be done to unlock the transformation in transport infrastructure the country desperately needs.


08.00 Tearfund

Manchester Central : Central 8

This is a Rubbish Fringe Event: How to break the link between plastic and poverty

A panel featuring, Journalists, MPs, Private Sector and Development Practitioners discussing the impact responsiblity for single use plastic.


We have a rubbish problem – and it’s hitting those living in poverty the hardest. Every 30 seconds someone dies because of diseases caused by plastic pollution and mismanaged waste. Multinational companies can help break the link between plastic and poverty. Join us as we talk through solutions to the current crisis.

08.00 CEN with GreenerUK

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Business, People and the Environment Bill

Discussing how the Environment Bill can support the next stage of growth for businesses & build the foundation for a world-leading sustainable economy


The green economy is growing two to three times faster than the mainstream economy, and now supports over 400,000 jobs. Firms support the certainty provided by a clear long-term framework of regulations; how could the new Environment Bill spur additional investment and innovation in the green economy? Could it de-risk investment in mainstream infrastructure? How can it best be applied to different types and sized businesses?

12.30 Learn By Design and CWO

Manchester Central : Youth Zone

Wise Up: Women in STEM and The Economy

Panel Debate. Invited speakers Vicky Ford MP Science & Technology Committee & Nusrat Ghani MP Minister for Transport. Host By Design, CWO with Fujitsu


Can we afford to leave 50% of our potential workforce, under-represented and under-supported in STEM careers? When 50% representation in GCSE Physics drops to only 16% representation for Engineering and Technology first degree entrants, we need to redouble in our efforts to fill and prevent the on-going skills gap. Speakers: Geoff Parsons, By Design Group; Saba Shaukat, CWO; Prof Judith Driscoll, Cambridge University; Sarah Weir OBE, Design Council. Incl. afternoon exhibit on Women in STEM

15.00 Onward

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Peter Street Free Trade Hall, Manchester M2 5GP : Onward, Room 11

Connected growth: How the internet is helping the economy and a new wave of businesses to grow and prosper

A panel event on the growth of the digital economy, and the opportunities and risks of further innovation, sponsored by the Internet Association


This panel event will consider the role the internet plays in the modern economy, how we can further harness digital technologies while mitigating the social consequences of the internet. Sponsored by the Internet Association

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