A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


16.00 DevoConnect

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Are Cities Leaving Our Towns Behind?

Bringing together senior figures for a substantive discussion on the growing problem of geographic inequality between our towns and cities


The Government has indicated that one of its key priorities will be addressing the growing divide between our towns and cities. But what will it mean in practice to shift our focus from the city to places in general? How might we imagine growth models which focus on the needs of people outside cities? These questions are especially important after the Brexit vote, which drew many London-based observers’ attention to smaller towns and rural areas. What next for the highly centralised UK?


08.30 Centre for Cities and the London School of Economics

Hilton Manchester Deansgate : Meeting Room 9

Tracks and Mortar: how can transport unlock more homes in cities?

Delivering homes close to transport where it is needed most


This event is invitation only. Please contact rsvp@centreforcities.org for details. See centreforcities.org for latest information.

11.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with Shelter

Manchester Central : Central 5

How does the modern Conservative Party reconnect with the tradition of social housebuilding?

With millions trapped privately renting and locked out of home ownership, is now the time to reconnect with the tradition of social housebuilding?


We know a stable home is a vital part of a successful society. And for previous generations social housing offered this, but now, for too many, social housing and homeownership are out of reach, meaning only unstable and expensive private renting is left. In the post war era, Conservatives led the way in social housing delivery, and now as much as ever the Conservative Party needs to reconnect with its social home history. Join us to discuss how this can be achieved.

16.00 Institute for Government and Atkins

private venue : private venue

Devolution and economic productivity: where next for England's cities and regions?

What role do the regions play in improving UK productivity as a whole and where can they make the biggest impact?


Senior politicians, policy professionals and experts will consider what role the regions play in improving UK productivity and where they can make the biggest impact? Do metro mayors have the right powers to make a difference to regional economic performance? And where does the English devolution agenda go next?

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