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16.00 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Can we burn wood for electricity & reach net zero?

Discussion of the role of biomass in a net zero economy considering the cost, carbon footprint and the international implications of UK policy


We need to work towards the UK's ambitious net zero target - does biomass fit within this new trajectory? Does it also fit with the UK's role as a global leader on climate change, especially in the lead up to hosting the UN Climate Conference in 2020? The UK has taken the lead as the fastest G7 nation to cut emissions whilst also growing its economy, and this proven commitment to clean growth means UK policy decisions have ramifications beyond our shores. What does this mean for British biomass?

18.00 CEN with the Offshore Wind Industry Council

Manchester Central : The Environment Zone

Welcome to the Greenest Conference Ever reception

Our opening conference reception - for conservatives who support conservation and decarbonisation


A net zero emissions target and a 25 Year Environment Plan, world leading protections for animals at home and abroad, record generation from renewables and huge investments in international aid to build climate resilience. Conservatives have long been stewards of our planet, this conference we will both celebrate and explore some of these key commitments, to discover what it really means to leave our environment in a better state than we found it for future generations in a net zero world.


09.30 Centre for Policy Studies

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

Can the Free Market Save the Planet?

This panel will consider the issue of climate change, and hear from different perspectives on how it will be overcome.


This panel will consider the issue of climate change, and hear from different perspectives on how it will be overcome. In particular the question of free market and conservative solutions to the climate issue will be discussed and assessed.

15.30 CEN with the Woodland Trust

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Planting for Success with the Northern Forest

Celebrating British forests and trees, their importance for climate and communities and the plans for the Northern Forest


Trees are not only important habitats for many birds, insects and other wildlife, they reduce temperatures and suck carbon from the atmosphere. We need to plant 50 million trees per year in order for us to reach net zero emissions by 2050 - and the Northern Forest is a key part of that ambition, with £5.7 million of Government investment expected to create nearly £2 billion for the country’s economy. Join us to celebrate trees and woodlands, and the plans for the Northern Forest.

17.30 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

The CEN Manifesto: Votes grow on Trees

What is the political role that environmental policies can play and how can the CEN Manifesto's conservative ideas contribute to that debate?


The environment is the top issue for young voters, and polling shows that 71% of the public believes climate change to be more pressing than Brexit. The panel will discuss the political role that environmental policies can play in any future election, what those environmental policies should look like, and the role of free market, conservative solutions in any future election campaign. How can Conservatives combat renationalisation policies proposed by the left that could do economic harm?

19.00 CEN with RenewableUK

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

In Conversation with...

An opportunity to get to know our special guest and find out their views on the environment & climate change. Opening remarks from Barney Wharton


Join us for a late night discussion with a special guest - with plenty of opportunity for Q&A. With a net zero target, and a pledge to leave the environment in a better state than we found it, the environment is a key focus for this Government. What does that look like and what are the plans for the future? With opening remarks from CEN Ambassador Barney Wharton.


08.00 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

How councils can breathe easier on air quality

Discussion of the role of local government in improving air quality and hear from councillors about how they’re tackling air pollution.


Estimated to cause 64,000 premature deaths per year and cost the UK economy £22.6 billion per year, we must ensure that children grow up with cleaner air. The Clean Air Strategy and upcoming Environment Bill offer increased local powers to promote targeted action. How can we utilise local ideas, alongside traditional approaches such as clean air zones, investment in cycle routes and electric buses, promotional campaigns and increasing EV charging points?

15.30 CEN with CPRE

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Great Open Spaces: Environment Reception

A reception to celebrate our great open spaces and discuss the Government’s plans for safeguarding them


As ‘guardians and trustees’ of the Earth, we will celebrate what Baroness Thatcher saw as a key element of conservatism: the protection and appreciation of our natural environment. Regular interaction with the natural world has links to improving mental health, providing a break from fast-paced urban life and giving our children space to play outdoors. This event will celebrate this Government’s prioritisation of nature and wildlife and discuss future plans to enhance this protection.

18.00 CEN with the sustainability hub

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Clean Growth: A Great British Achievement

A reception to celebrate the success of British business in the low carbon economy and opportunities for clean growth in a net zero future


Since 1990, the UK has cut emissions by 42% while growing our economy by two-thirds, and we've now celebrated our first coal-free weeks in over a century. Almost 400,000 people across the country are working in low carbon jobs and their supply chains, a sector that is growing at a factor of two or three times the mainstream economy. This reception will celebrate this impressive British record, as well as the government’s Clean Growth Strategy which has led to this success.

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