A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


12.45 Resolution Foundation

Midland Hotel : Alexandra B

The Future of Conservatism: How to win back younger voters

The Conservative Party needs cross-generational support to win the next election. How can it win back the under 45s who swung to Labour in 2017?


Age is becoming the new class in elections, and the Conservative Party experienced a significant swing against them in 2017 among younger voters. Winning back the under-45s will be key to the Conservatives winning the next election – but attracting relatively pro-EU younger voters in a Brexit-focused election is going to be challenging. What suite of policies should the Conservative Party adopt to win back younger voters? Speakers: Robert Jenrick MP - Secretary of State for Housing, Communit

18.00 Crisis

Manchester Central : Exchange 11

Housing Benefit: The key to ending rough sleeping by 2027?

A panel event looking at how to ensure Housing Benefit covers the cost of housing in all local areas across Great Britain


An interactive panel discussion, the event will consider the role Housing Benefit has to play in helping the Conservative Party meet its manifesto commitment to end rough sleeping by 2027. Using local data from new research, there will be an opportunity to find out how affordable housing is in your area for people in receipt of Housing Benefit.


09.30 Policy Exchange and Barratt Developments PLC

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

How can new build homes be green, beautiful and high quality?

To face up to the housing crisis, we need to build more than just housing units


To face up to the housing crisis, we need to build more than just housing units. We need to build homes that people feel proud to live in and that are built to last. As the reputation of housebuilders comes under ever greater scrutiny, what steps can the industry take to build new homes that are beautiful, sustainable and of a high quality? What can policy makers do to support this, such as supporting greater use of Modern Methods of Construction and introduction of the Future Homes Standard?


12.45 Institute of Economic Affairs and the National House Building Council

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

In conversation with... Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Housing Secretary

Kate Andrews, IEA Associate-Director, sits down with Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government.


Kate Andrews, IEA Associate Director, sits down with Robert Jenrick MP - Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government - to discuss the future of house-building and home ownership in the UK.

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