A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


18.00 The Smith Institute and the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

Can we make a just transition to a green economy?

How can we invest in a just transition to a net zero emission economy that does not come at a high cost to some employees and regions?


Speakers: Kwasi Kwarteng MP (Minister of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) – invited; Vicky Ford MP (Member, House of Commons Science and Technology Committee); Sarah Newton MP (Member of the Conservative Environment Network); Claire Perry MP (President of the 2020 UN Climate Change Summit) - invited; Cllr Doug McMurdo (Chair of LAPFF); Chair: Richard Graham MP


08.30 Centre for Cities and KPMG

Hilton Manchester Deansgate : Meeting Room 9

Is your city robot-ready? Skills for the future

This event will focus on what cities can do – and what they need from central government – to get people and their skills robot-ready


This policy roundtable in Manchester, in partnership with KPMG, will focus on the future of skills in cities, drawing on our report Can cities outsmart the robots? which looked at the projected demand for specific skills in the changing labour market and assessed the current educational outcomes in those skills.

12.00 CEN with WWF

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Opportunities for UK Global Environment Leadership

Discussing British leadership in securing a global New Deal for Nature and People on oceans, conservation, the SDGs & climate change


2020 will be a significant year for action, with international conferences on the future goals for conservation (Convention on Biodiversity COP 15) and oceans (UN Ocean Conference 2020), as well as progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change (United Nations UNFCCC COP26). What do these conferences mean for the world and Global Britain and what role should we be taking? What are the conservative answers to these significant international issues?

12.45 Institute for Government and Future Care Capital

Manchester Central : Exchange 1

Where next for Social Care?

Can enough public and political support be built for a solution to the problems of social care?


Social care emerged from the shadow of the NHS during the 2017 election to hit the headlines. Since then, pressures have mounted. Demand and staff turnover have risen. Care providers are struggling to stay afloat. Emergency cash injections have eased immediate pressures, but the underlying problems remain. Can the much-delayed social care green paper tackle these issues? Can enough public and political support be built for a solution?

15.45 ABP and Prospect Magazine

Manchester Central : Central 6

Can Britain become an exporting powerhouse?

Join us to explore the topic of international trade and Britain's future


Britain’s role on the international stage is changing. For the first time in over 40 years, Britain is set to have control over international trade. Britain must find a way to compete in the 21st Century and truly become Global Britain.

16.00 British Psychological Society

Midland Hotel : Lancaster

The Psychology of Democracy: a new approach to an old chessboard?

For more information about the British Psychological Society's work on evidence-based policy making please contact: publicaffairs@bps.org.uk


Chess is often seen as a parallel to politics. Actions can be defined as a set of binary choices: black or white; right or wrong; attack or retreat. The victor is the one who both understands the rules, and has the skills needed to read and influence the realities on the board effectively. Yet despite how impersonal policy-making might seem, understanding the psychological underpinnings of politics is critical to ensure that our democracy remains fit for purpose.


08.00 Institute for Government, Wellcome Trust and Imperial College London

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

‘Global Britain’: more than a slogan?

What role should the UK play in global and multilateral bodies and what kind of trading nation should it aspire to be?


Leaving the EU gives the UK an opportunity to act with greater freedom on the world stage. But how should this freedom be used? How can the UK leverage its areas of strength? What role should the UK play in global and multilateral bodies and what kind of trading nation should it aspire to be?

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