A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


12.45 The TaxPayers' Alliance

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Is the state killing free speech?

Freedom of speech is under attack. This explosive panel will explore the causes of this shift and what can be done about it.


Freedom of speech is under attack. In the media, politics and universities across the land, robust debate is being replaced by virtue signalling and no platforming policies. In this explosive panel, speakers will explore the causes of this shift and whether a big state and overactive government is making the problem worse; and what could be done about it?


16.00 Adam Smith Institute

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Just Say No (to the nanny state)

A panel of MPs and health experts will discuss the rise of ‘nanny state’ paternalism in the UK and the best ways to achieve health policy goals.


The past few years have seen a ramping up of interventions aimed at making Brits lead healthier lives: focusing on what we eat, drink, and smoke. While some argue that we should limit unhealthy choices via bans, crackdowns, and public health campaigns, others worry about the effectiveness, unintended consequences, and underlying rationale of these 'Nanny State' measures. We will discuss the punitive nature of the current nanny state and alternative, liberal methods for encouraging healthier life

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