A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


16.00 Institute for Government and the Solicitors Regulation Authority

Manchester Central : Exchange 1

How will future technology make us rethink the state and regulation?

What difference can new technologies make in transforming how government works?


Future technologies have the potential to transform how government works and how public services are delivered. Some future technologies are already here that have changed the way government and businesses operate. What difference can these new technologies make? How will they change government? What are, or should be, the limits? And how do we ensure these technologies benefit citizens and consumers rather than making life more difficult?

16.00 The Smith Institute and the FDA

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Impartiality Matters

Civil service impartiality matters. But is the civil service now lacking it, are accusations of political bias well founded and what needs to change?


Speakers: Oliver Dowden MP (Minister for the Cabinet Office) - Invited; Sir Bernard Jenkin MP (Chair of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee); Dave Penman (General Secretary of the FDA); Chair: Bronwen Maddox (Director of the Institute for Government)


09.45 Policy Exchange and Inmarsat

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

Competition on the final frontier: Implementing the Prime Minister’s agenda on Space

Space is a key component of national power in the 21st century.


Space is a key component of national power in the 21st century. Britain's major allies are giving it top priority and they are investing heavily in their space capabilities as a matter of national interest. This is a civil and military imperative. Despite positive political noise, we risk being left behind. Critical decisions need to be taken now on key issues - a UK National Space Council, and the future for a UK Global Navigation Satellite System to secure our position in this strategic domain

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