A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


12.45 Resolution Foundation

Midland Hotel : Alexandra B

The Future of Conservatism: How to win back younger voters

The Conservative Party needs cross-generational support to win the next election. How can it win back the under 45s who swung to Labour in 2017?


Age is becoming the new class in elections, and the Conservative Party experienced a significant swing against them in 2017 among younger voters. Winning back the under-45s will be key to the Conservatives winning the next election – but attracting relatively pro-EU younger voters in a Brexit-focused election is going to be challenging. What suite of policies should the Conservative Party adopt to win back younger voters? Speakers: Robert Jenrick MP - Secretary of State for Housing, Communit


12.30 Centre for Cities

Hilton Manchester Deansgate : The Boardroom

Cities in 2020: money, power, elections

Will 2020 mark a watershed for the UK's cities?


Cities power the national economy. With Westminster busy with Brexit, cities have shown themselves ready to step up. Join our debate on what will the future bring for them in terms of funding and powers, and next year's mayoral elections.


12.30 StepChange Debt Charity and Money Advice Trust

Bridgewater Hall : Green room

Stop The Knock: How can we reduce and reform the use of bailiffs?

Bailiffs are breaking the rules and treating people in debt badly. What's the Government going to do about it?


More than 2 million debts are passed to bailiffs by local authorities every year. Bailiffs can be as harmful as payday lenders - and more expensive, but are less regulated than the debt advisors who have to deal with the fallout. The Government is reviewing the law on bailiffs, and looking at changes to council debt collection practices to protect the most vulnerable. We’ll be asking, what should bailiff reform look like, and how can we reduce the use of bailiffs in the first place?

17.00 Centre for Policy Studies

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

The Case for Conservatism

What is the modern case for being a conservative? And what does 'taking back control' really mean? See CPS website or conference app for speaker info.


Is there a crisis in conservatism? Has the Conservative Party stopped making the case for small-c conservative values? And if so, why? Robert Colvile and guests discuss his recent report on the case for conservatism

18.00 EY and Centre For Towns

Manchester Central : PLMR Business Hub

Towns and cities; how do we rebalance our approach so that both can thrive?

Panel discussing the challenge facing towns: investment and skills, ageing population and the focus on cities. How can we rebalance?


Brexit revealed stark differences between cities and towns, for some, reflecting longstanding economic disparities. Government policy to date has assumed city-regions are the route to economic growth. But the Industrial Strategy offers an opportunity to rebalance geographic activity and shift to a bottom up approach which better serves all communities. Our panel will discuss how to meet this challenge and engage with investors to build a new vision for the whole UK economy.

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