A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


19.30 Maritime UK

Midland Hotel : Derby Suite

The Maritime Reception

Come and join us for a ‘tot’ of rum at the launch of the Maritime Reception, where we will discuss the future of Britain’s £40bn maritime sector.


Splice the Mainbrace! Come and join us for a ‘tot’ of rum at the launch of the Maritime Reception. Maritime UK brings together the UK’s shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to promote the sector, influence government and drive growth. Join as we talk about the tremendous opportunities for our maritime nation, with the global maritime sector set to double to $3trn – and that ‘tot’ of rum.


12.45 Bright Blue with APPT Corporation

Manchester Central : Cobden 2

To the top of the ladder: the role of business in social mobility

This debate looks at the role of employers in boosting social mobility through their recruitment and employment policies


15.45 ABP and Prospect Magazine

Manchester Central : Central 6

Can Britain become an exporting powerhouse?

Join us to explore the topic of international trade and Britain's future


Britain’s role on the international stage is changing. For the first time in over 40 years, Britain is set to have control over international trade. Britain must find a way to compete in the 21st Century and truly become Global Britain.

18.00 London School of Economics

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Pathways to Prosperity: Can ALL Regions Thrive?

A debate on whether all UK areas can grow together, or some be left behind, and if growth policies should be devised and led locally, or by Whitehall?


Building thriving, economically powerful regions across the UK is more important than ever, and a top Government priority. But can all areas really grow simultaneously, or will some inevitably get left behind? What new ideas are urgently needed to turbo-boost lagging regions, and should economic, growth and skills policies be managed at the regional level, or by Whitehall?


12.45 Institute for Government and Bechtel

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

How can government and industry work together to build infrastructure that's fit for the future?

How can the Government effectively manage transport and infrastructure projects and ensure it is getting value for money?


The Government must confront some difficult questions about the country’s economic future. Such as delivering effective transport and energy infrastructure projects. Yet often the largest can face delays and budget overruns. How can the Government ensure it is getting value for money? Is there a better way to manage the relationship with the consultancy, design and construction businesses involved? How can we improve accountability when things go wrong?

18.00 Policy Connect in partnership with ABB, HVM Catapult and Siemens

Manchester Central : Central 8

Workshop of the World: Manufacturing an Industry of the Future

Panel and drinks reception on the future of British Manufacturing in the age of automation


This Policy Connect panel event - in partnership with ABB, HVM Catapult and Siemens - will discuss the future of manufacturing in the age of automation, growing business and increasing competitiveness, the opportunities of global trade, localisation and onshoring, free ports, increasing investment, Made Smarter, the Convervative Party's plan for manufacturing, addressing the skills gap and creating the leaders of the future. The panel will be followed by a drinks reception.

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