A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


12.00 CEN with WWF

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Opportunities for UK Global Environment Leadership

Discussing British leadership in securing a global New Deal for Nature and People on oceans, conservation, the SDGs & climate change


2020 will be a significant year for action, with international conferences on the future goals for conservation (Convention on Biodiversity COP 15) and oceans (UN Ocean Conference 2020), as well as progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate change (United Nations UNFCCC COP26). What do these conferences mean for the world and Global Britain and what role should we be taking? What are the conservative answers to these significant international issues?

14.00 CEN with RSPB & OceanMind

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

British Blue Planet: Protecting our Marine Life

Discussing the UK’s record on ocean conservation, particularly focussing on the Overseas Territories and Blue Belt Programme


The UK and its Overseas Territories (OTs) form the fifth largest marine estate in the world, home to the world’s largest coral atolls and a quarter of its penguins. Yet the OTs are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, containing 85% of the UK’s critically endangered species. A Global Britain has the responsibility of protecting our blue planet - both at home and abroad through the 30% protected by 2030 pledge. What are the next steps and how can we use our global influence?


08.00 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

How councils can breathe easier on air quality

Discussion of the role of local government in improving air quality and hear from councillors about how they’re tackling air pollution.


Estimated to cause 64,000 premature deaths per year and cost the UK economy £22.6 billion per year, we must ensure that children grow up with cleaner air. The Clean Air Strategy and upcoming Environment Bill offer increased local powers to promote targeted action. How can we utilise local ideas, alongside traditional approaches such as clean air zones, investment in cycle routes and electric buses, promotional campaigns and increasing EV charging points?

12.00 CEN with EDF Energy

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

Women and climate change: impact and response

Discussing how the impacts of climate change will impact women around the world & how more women can be involved in the response via STEM


Women around the world will be disproportionately impacted by climate change, mostly due to existing gender inequalities. Women are also less likely to be involved in the conversation with inequalities in STEM subjects in particular. Initiatives from companies like EDF Energy aim to inspire more women into STEM or apprenticeships. This panel will consider the impact climate change will have on women, and how women can be more involved in the response to climate change as well.

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