A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


16.00 Frack Free United

Manchester Central : Central 6

Drill or Drop? Is Fracking an electoral earthquake for the conservative party?

Is Fracking worth it? Time for a rethink? Examining the issues and impacts of fracking which affects over 190 seats including 40 marginals


It is clear that developing fracking in the UK will lead to unacceptable negative impacts on Local Communities, Health, Economies, Democracy, Environment and hamper efforts to tackle Climate Change. Panel Chr: Diane Cheesebrough Lee Rowley MP Professor Simon Sweeney - Snr Lecturer in International Political Economy and Business - Uni. of York Craig Bennett - CEO Friends of the Earth Barbara Richardson - Roseacre Awareness Group


12.45 Adam Smith Institute

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

21st Century Neoliberalism

This panel discusses the role of neoliberalism in the 21st century as a worldview that espouses policies that lead to freedom, prosperity, and growth.


With a rising tide of socialism amongst millennials, it is important to reinforce the benefits of a free society which can be brought about through neoliberal policies. To that end, the ASI and opinion platform 1828 will debate what a neoliberal manifesto looks like in the 21st century. We will discuss what neoliberalism means today, how we can use its principles to win the hearts and minds of young people, and create a neoliberal policy platform for the most pressing issues of our time.


18.00 IPPR

Midland Hotel : Lancaster

Beyond Brexit: What does the Conservative Party stand for?


This event will discuss the Conservative Party’s policy priorities beyond Brexit, what it has to offer the electorate in the next election, and how it might it to appeal to younger voters in the future. 

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