A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


15.15 Institute of Economic Affairs & The TaxPayers' Alliance

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

The end of austerity: Why tax cuts are better than spending hikes

A panel discussion on the “end of austerity” and how the new government can still find room for tax cuts.


So-called austerity is apparently coming to an end. As Britain prepares for Brexit (and an election?), the purse strings have been loosened. While the government has committed to spend more, taxpayers have barely got a look-in. With the tax burden at a 50 year high, will taxpayers get to keep more of their own money anytime soon? Ministers have teased some big picture cuts to stamp duty and income tax, but what should be prioritised? And how do we do so in a fiscally responsible way?


11.30 Institute of Economic Affairs, FREER and IPSE

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Flexibility, Choice, and Fulfilment: What should we expect from the future workplace?

As attitudes towards work change, with self-employment and AI are on the rise, how do we meet the needs of the future workforce and modern workplace?


The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. The sharp growth in self-employment, 'gig' working, and portfolio careers has altered the landscape. Attitudes to work are shifting, and differences in generational expectations are emerging. How should we consider these rapidly changing factors, including how automation and AI will continue to affect and change people’s working lives?

12.45 Institute for Government, Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

Is austerity really over? And how can a Conservative government pay for it?

What does ‘ending austerity’ actually mean and which government departments need extra money most?


The previous Chancellor suggested that austerity was ‘coming to an end’, though dependant on securing a Brexit deal. The new Prime Minister has promised extra spending on the police, schools, hospitals and other public services. Which departments need extra money most? How much freedom for manoeuvre does the new Chancellor have? And, if increased spending implies increased taxation, what are the options for raising it?

14.00 Institute of Economic Affairs and RSSB

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Rail Nationalisation vs. Privatisation: What are the implications of a return to wider public ownership?

State control and intervention are popular with the public but is nationalisation the solution to the rail network's problems, or the cause?


The renationalisation of major industry is popular with the public. But when it comes to tackling problems with UK rail services, is renationalisation the best way to deliver vital services? Are consumers better or worse off since the privatisation measures pursued in the 80s and 90s? How do publicly owned companies compare to privately-owned companies? Should we be drifting closer to national ownership, or have we not gone far enough in the direction of private ownership?

18.30 The Spectator, Aston Martin and Bosch

Midland Hotel : Alexandra B

Out and into the World: What is the UK’s competitive advantage?

Final speaker TBA. Gin & tonic served to guests. See the latest line-up at spectator.co.uk/conference


Gin & tonic served to guests. See the latest line-up at spectator.co.uk/conference


12.45 Institute of Economic Affairs and the National House Building Council

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

In conversation with... Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP, Housing Secretary

Kate Andrews, IEA Associate-Director, sits down with Robert Jenrick MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government.


Kate Andrews, IEA Associate Director, sits down with Robert Jenrick MP - Secretary of State for Housing, Communities, and Local Government - to discuss the future of house-building and home ownership in the UK.

17.00 Centre for Policy Studies

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

The Case for Conservatism

What is the modern case for being a conservative? And what does 'taking back control' really mean? See CPS website or conference app for speaker info.


Is there a crisis in conservatism? Has the Conservative Party stopped making the case for small-c conservative values? And if so, why? Robert Colvile and guests discuss his recent report on the case for conservatism

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