A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


18.00 Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) and Crest Nicholson

Manchester Central : Exchange 2 & 3 Combined

How do we deliver homes quickly and within high-quality communities?

Creating high-quality homes and great places


This event will explore the challenges and opportunities of delivering high-quality housing quickly while also creating great places.


09.30 Policy Exchange and Barratt Developments PLC

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

How can new build homes be green, beautiful and high quality?

To face up to the housing crisis, we need to build more than just housing units


To face up to the housing crisis, we need to build more than just housing units. We need to build homes that people feel proud to live in and that are built to last. As the reputation of housebuilders comes under ever greater scrutiny, what steps can the industry take to build new homes that are beautiful, sustainable and of a high quality? What can policy makers do to support this, such as supporting greater use of Modern Methods of Construction and introduction of the Future Homes Standard?

12.00 Localis

Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, M2 3JL : Lecture Room

Nothing left to lose: reframing the housing management debate

What role can local government play in providing more housing to meet a diverse set of social needs and expectations?


There is not one housing crisis, but many different local crises of supply, affordability and provision. In areas where there is a shortage of affordable housing, how can we accommodate those in most need? Can councils work together to meet local housing demand by creating new communities? This event, promoted jointly with the Royal London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, will ask what more can housing providers and government do to provide people with the most suitable type of housing.

18.00 London School of Economics

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Pathways to Prosperity: Can ALL Regions Thrive?

A debate on whether all UK areas can grow together, or some be left behind, and if growth policies should be devised and led locally, or by Whitehall?


Building thriving, economically powerful regions across the UK is more important than ever, and a top Government priority. But can all areas really grow simultaneously, or will some inevitably get left behind? What new ideas are urgently needed to turbo-boost lagging regions, and should economic, growth and skills policies be managed at the regional level, or by Whitehall?

20.30 Thakeham Homes

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Housing the next generation - solving the intergenerational housing gap

A panel debate on the generational challenges facing housing.


A panel debate on the generational challenge facing housing. Topics discussed will include how we help young people onto the housing ladder, encourage property ownership, and are the baby-boomers blocking housing for young families.


14.00 Centre for Policy Studies in association with Independent Age

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

Fixing the Care Crisis: Solving Social Care

Discussing the future of social care and how it is funded. At a critical time for the UK's social care system, how can we can fix the care crisis?


Social care is one of the most controversial topics in British politics - but one that urgently needs to be addressed. Building on the CPS’s own work with the Rt Hon Damian Green MP, the discussion will bring together experts and policy makers alike to examine the future of social care for older people in the UK and the options for reforming the system and the way it is funded as it comes under increasing pressure.

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