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16.00 Manchester Conservative Federation

Manchester Central : Exchange 1

Can Manchester be Blue Again?

Panel discussion about new policy initiatives in Local Government such as Education & Transport to help elect Conservative Councillors in Manchester.


Labour have controlled Manchester since 1972 with a Conservative opposition until 1997, when the last Conservative councillor was defeated. The Liberal Democrats have been the only opposition party on the council in recent years. The Conservative Party federated four of its Manchester constituencies fifteen years ago, performing poorly in elections since. Now, with a revival of the old associations taking place, there is an opportunity to take the party forward with fresh political initiatives

17.30 Railway Industry Association (RIA), Rail Delivery Group (RDG) and High Speed Rail Industry Leaders (HSRIL)

Midland Hotel : Derby Suite

The Rail Interview

Supported by ABB, Angel Trains, Atkins, Porterbrook, Siemens and VolkerWessels. See the conference app for further details.


A one-to-one interview to discuss the Government’s priorities for rail

19.30 Maritime UK

Midland Hotel : Derby Suite

The Maritime Reception

Come and join us for a ‘tot’ of rum at the launch of the Maritime Reception, where we will discuss the future of Britain’s £40bn maritime sector.


Splice the Mainbrace! Come and join us for a ‘tot’ of rum at the launch of the Maritime Reception. Maritime UK brings together the UK’s shipping, ports, services, engineering and leisure marine industries to promote the sector, influence government and drive growth. Join as we talk about the tremendous opportunities for our maritime nation, with the global maritime sector set to double to $3trn – and that ‘tot’ of rum.

21.30 Our Future Skies

Midland Hotel : Derby Suite

The Aviation Reception – A Global & Connected Britain

Join us for drinks, where you will have the opportunity to network whilst also learning about the transformation of our skies in the next few years.


The UK’s connections and trade with its global counterparts is more important than ever. How do we make sure we retain and expand these connections, whilst also doing so sustainably? What does a quicker, quieter and cleaner travel look like in the future? On the first night of Conference, join us for evening drinks at The Aviation Reception where you will have the opportunity to network whilst also learning about the transformation of our skies in the next few years.


18.00 Greater Manchester Transport Committee

Midland Hotel : Rolls Suite

Greater Manchester Transport Committee reception

Our Network: An integrated city regional transport network with world class connections


Our Network: An integrated city regional transport network with world class connections is this years theme for the Greater Manchester Transport Committee reception. Invited speakers include the Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps and Minister of State for Transport Chris Heaton-Harris. Other invited speakers include Mary Robinson MP for Cheadle and Chris Green MP for Bolton West.

18.00 Policy Exchange

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

How can we strengthen the Union after Brexit?

For some in the UK, the benefits of the Union have been forgotten.


For some in the UK, the benefits of the Union have been forgotten. Within the Union, there are huge disparities between educational attainment, infrastructure investment and economic productivity. We have seen the policy successes of City Deals, devolution deals and other partnerships. Is it time for a more engaged partnership between the Government and ‘awesome foursome’ of the UK?

19.00 The Bingo Association

Manchester Central : PLMR Business Hub

Conference Bingo!

The Bingo Association are proud to host a special game of charity Bingo with drinks and nibbles.


Play Bingo at 7pm and 7.30pm with special guest Bingo callers Nicky Morgan MP and Grant Shapps MP! The Bingo Association will donate £500 to the winners’ charity of choice. The event will also provide an opportunity to highlight the wider contribution the bingo industry makes to our communities every day. Bring your colleagues and friends along to play bingo and support a good cause, refreshments will also be provided. Email daniel.baynes@plmr.co.uk to secure your place!


08.00 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

How councils can breathe easier on air quality

Discussion of the role of local government in improving air quality and hear from councillors about how they’re tackling air pollution.


Estimated to cause 64,000 premature deaths per year and cost the UK economy £22.6 billion per year, we must ensure that children grow up with cleaner air. The Clean Air Strategy and upcoming Environment Bill offer increased local powers to promote targeted action. How can we utilise local ideas, alongside traditional approaches such as clean air zones, investment in cycle routes and electric buses, promotional campaigns and increasing EV charging points?

15.30 Centre for Policy Studies in association with BT

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

Building on Promises: Getting Infrastructure Right

How can the Government can fulfil its promises on infrastructure and what problems may it face? See CPS website or conference app for speaker info.


With the new administration promising big on infrastructure, especially with regards to broadband, this event will explore how best to achieve the Government's ambitious goals, and what areas to prioritise.

18.00 DevoConnect

Midland Hotel : Victoria Suite

The Big Transport Debate: connecting a divided country

We'll debate what the future holds for our transport priorities. Can an inclusive but growing economy ensure everybody is along for the ride?


Transport needs to be at the centre of the debate about how to connect our divided country. The need to improve the UK’s transport connectivity is key to our future growth and in a post- Brexit Britain Westminster needs to connect with those who have been ‘left behind.’ There is a big debate to be had on how much power Westminster-centric government should have over transport priorities outside London. Can transport be the key to a more connected, stronger Britain?

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