A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


15.30 Policy Exchange

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

Abolishing the Backstop: preserving the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland

The Good Friday Agreement was a seminal moment for the island of Ireland


The Good Friday Agreement was a seminal moment for the island of Ireland. For the first time the two communities agreed on power sharing and North-South cooperation: as such, it is a model of mutual consent. The Good Friday Agreement is now threatened by the Backstop - which unbalances that settlement and which transforms the relationship between Belfast and Dublin to the radical disadvantage of Belfast. So where now?


21.30 British American Tobacco UK

Midland Hotel : Derby Suite

The Vype Reception: How can the Government accelerate the UK’s vaping transformation?

Join us at the fourth annual Vype Reception. Further details can be found on the conference app.


UK smoking rates have declined significantly since e-cigarettes became mainstream, with many smokers deciding to switch to vaping, but when will vapers actually outnumber smokers? Join us at the fourth Vype Reception to hear the results of our research, and what regulatory measures could be considered post-Brexit to bring that crossover forward.


16.30 The TaxPayers' Alliance

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Am I allowed to say that? Thinking the unthinkable

A debate on bold policy ideas like stop & search, scrapping the licence fee, & fracking. Vote on which one we should ask the new PM to adopt.


In a world of safe spaces and political spin, it's about time we had a little controversy. Come and listen to speakers arguing for their bold policy ideas, such as stop and search, scrapping the BBC licence fee, fracking and reintroducing grammar schools. Then have your vote on which proposal we should encourage the new Prime Minister to adopt.

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