A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


14.00 Centre for Policy Studies

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

Britain Beyond Brexit

Join George Freeman and fellow authors of Britain Beyond Brexit to discuss their vision for the future. See CPS website or the app for speaker info


In May this year, the CPS and 2020 Conservatives published Britain Beyond Brexit the most significant collection of new Conservative ideas published for years. Edited by George Freeman MP, Britain Beyond Brexit sets out ideas to take Britain forward after Brexit. Join George, and a panel of contributors to the book to discuss their new vision for the Conservative Party.

16.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with Atos

Manchester Central : Central 5

AI: Could we? Should we?

What potential does AI have to positively impact citizens in the near future and how do we ensure it serves all citizens equally?


As AI pushes the boundaries of technology, the issue of ethics is becoming more prominent. What potential does AI have to positively impact citizens in the near future and how do we ensure it serves all citizens equally?


08.00 Planning Futures in partnership with BECG

Manchester Central : Exchange 8

Infrastructure, Housing Delivery and… Regional Planning?

This panel discussion will explore how infrastructure planning and delivery at the local and regional levels can help to drive housing delivery


Adequate infrastructure provision is central to sustainable housing delivery. In the UK, however, infrastructure provision is often an afterthought. This event will explore what local authorities and house builders’ can do to ensure that infrastructure is provided for new and extended settlements. It will also explore how infrastructure can be delivered strategically at the regional level.

09.00 Localis

Manchester Art Gallery (Princess Street entrance), M2 3JL : Lecture Room

Reach for the stars – can we reimagine urban devolution?

How might the transfer of fiscal powers, greater local control over investment and budgets ignite dynamic national renewal led by our major cities?


This Localis fringe, sponsored by Core Cities, will argue a radical localist case for a step change in urban devolved governance, asking us to imagine what a successful future for devolved urban government could look like. Panellists include:George Freeman MP, minister of state, Department for Transport; Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol (invited); Lord Kerslake, chair, 2070 Commission; Cllr Nickie Aiken, leader, Westminster City Council; Andy Bounds, North of England correspondent, Financial Times.

14.00 Institute of Economic Affairs and RSSB

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Rail Nationalisation vs. Privatisation: What are the implications of a return to wider public ownership?

State control and intervention are popular with the public but is nationalisation the solution to the rail network's problems, or the cause?


The renationalisation of major industry is popular with the public. But when it comes to tackling problems with UK rail services, is renationalisation the best way to deliver vital services? Are consumers better or worse off since the privatisation measures pursued in the 80s and 90s? How do publicly owned companies compare to privately-owned companies? Should we be drifting closer to national ownership, or have we not gone far enough in the direction of private ownership?

16.15 Demos, The Physiological Society & Guild HE

Manchester Central : Cobden 1

Healthier, longer lives: The contribution of Sport and Exercise Science Education

Panel discussion on Healthier, longer lives


Join Demos and the Physiological Society to discuss how Sport and Exercise Science education can have a positive impact on society, and lead to healthier, longer lives.


09.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with Port of Dover

Manchester Central : Central 5

With one month to go until Brexit, how prepared are Britain’s key transport links?

Discussion on the progress to ensure that Britain’s transport links are properly prepared for Brexit and an analysis of the current work programme.


Discussion on the progress to ensure that Britain’s transport links are properly prepared for Brexit and an analysis of the current work programme.

12.45 IPPR Centre for Economic Justice

Manchester Central : Exchange 8

How Can the UK Economy be Both Prosperous and Just?


This event will discuss the economic trends that will affect the UK economy over the next decade and how it can be both prosperous and just.

16.00 techUK, Sage & Google

Midland Hotel : Victoria Suite

How can the UK harness digital technologies to increase trade and global prosperity?

Highlighting the role of digital technology to boost trade and prosperity.


This year saw the launch of the new digital trade hub backed by the Department for International Trade. Its ambition is to help a further 100,000 UK businesses export by 2020. Through e-exporting alone government intends to deliver an additional 20,000 online exporters and £2 billion worth of value to the UK economy by 2020. This fringe will explore the practicalities that sit behind making this a reality and how, by harnessing digital technologies we can strengthen our ambitions for the UK’

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