A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


14.00 Centre for Policy Studies

Manchester Central : Centre for Policy Studies, The Gallery

Britain Beyond Brexit

Join George Freeman and fellow authors of Britain Beyond Brexit to discuss their vision for the future. See CPS website or the app for speaker info


In May this year, the CPS and 2020 Conservatives published Britain Beyond Brexit the most significant collection of new Conservative ideas published for years. Edited by George Freeman MP, Britain Beyond Brexit sets out ideas to take Britain forward after Brexit. Join George, and a panel of contributors to the book to discuss their new vision for the Conservative Party.


08.00 CWO/Women2Win/ConservativePolicyForum

Manchester Central : Exchange 11

Where has the female vote gone?

This panel will explore the current state of the female vote and how the Party has always renewed itself by focusing on modern working women.


The 2017 election saw a decline in the vote of working age women, with a swing away from the Conservatives in women in their mid 30s of 18%. These are the women who have families, homes and were our core vote under Mrs Thatcher. It was more a Working Women Walkout, than the heralded “youth quake”. Yet no one is talking about it. The CWO, Women 2 Win, and the CPF will discuss the female vote and how vital it is to the Party to renew its female membership and show it is listening to women.

08.00 CampaignForce

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Stand up, Serve again- the Armed Forces in politics

A panel discussion hosted by CampaignForce with well-known politicians and guests about how military veterans can serve once again in our politics


CampaignForce’s mission is to inspire, train and coach those who have served, to stand up, and serve again in public life. We are the only organisation in the UK with a programme of events that actively engages with the Armed Forces community around a future in politics and have cross-party support. We are a not-for-profit campaign that sets out to get more veterans and reservists into politics at every level, and our team has decades of experience gained from the front-line of politics

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