A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


12.45 Resolution Foundation

Midland Hotel : Alexandra B

The Future of Conservatism: How to win back younger voters

The Conservative Party needs cross-generational support to win the next election. How can it win back the under 45s who swung to Labour in 2017?


Age is becoming the new class in elections, and the Conservative Party experienced a significant swing against them in 2017 among younger voters. Winning back the under-45s will be key to the Conservatives winning the next election – but attracting relatively pro-EU younger voters in a Brexit-focused election is going to be challenging. What suite of policies should the Conservative Party adopt to win back younger voters? Speakers: Robert Jenrick MP - Secretary of State for Housing, Communit

18.00 Bright Blue with Child Poverty Action Group

Manchester Central : Cobden 2

Forgotten about families? The conservative case for investing in children

A discussion to examine whether, after a decade of fiscal retrenchment, there is a need to increase investment in vital public services for children



09.30 King's College London

Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel : 19 + 20

Industrial Strategy: Can we build an ‘economy that works for everyone’?

Join Chris White, Director of the Institute for Industrial Strategy at King’s College London, to discuss the progress of ‘Modern Industrial Strategy.


Chris White, Director of the Institute for Industrial Strategy at King’s College London, and former MP, will be joined by a panel of experts, including Bobby Duffy, Director of the Policy Institute at King’s to discuss the progress of the ‘Modern Industrial Strategy’. The strategy has the potential to become the most significant domestic policy of the next decade, in terms of skills, infrastructure and research. Can it deliver that potential?

12.45 Institute for Government, Chartered Institute of Taxation and the Institute for Fiscal Studies

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

Is austerity really over? And how can a Conservative government pay for it?

What does ‘ending austerity’ actually mean and which government departments need extra money most?


The previous Chancellor suggested that austerity was ‘coming to an end’, though dependant on securing a Brexit deal. The new Prime Minister has promised extra spending on the police, schools, hospitals and other public services. Which departments need extra money most? How much freedom for manoeuvre does the new Chancellor have? And, if increased spending implies increased taxation, what are the options for raising it?

18.00 Oxfam & IEA

Midland Hotel : Stanley Suite

The Big Inequality Debate: A Global Crisis or the Politics of Envy? 

Join Oxfam and the Institute of Economic Affairs to have your say in the Big Inequality Debate


Is closing the gap between rich and poor essential to tackling poverty and staving off public anger across the globe? Or is focusing on wealth and income inequality a fool's errand because the best way to help the poor is to grow the pie rather than meddle with how it's divided? Join the debate with Oxfam, IEA, senior Conservatives including Lord David Willetts, and Chair Kate Procter.


08.30 Lloyds Banking Group and Prospect Magazine

Manchester Central : Central 6

Saving for our future – How should we tackle the UK’s savings gap?

A private roundtable, discussing the the UK's saving gap


Please note, this roundtable discussion is by invitation only. Please email Victoria.jackson@prospectmagazine.co.uk for more information.

09.45 Policy Exchange and Inmarsat

Manchester Central : Cobden Rooms 3 & 4

Competition on the final frontier: Implementing the Prime Minister’s agenda on Space

Space is a key component of national power in the 21st century.


Space is a key component of national power in the 21st century. Britain's major allies are giving it top priority and they are investing heavily in their space capabilities as a matter of national interest. This is a civil and military imperative. Despite positive political noise, we risk being left behind. Critical decisions need to be taken now on key issues - a UK National Space Council, and the future for a UK Global Navigation Satellite System to secure our position in this strategic domain

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