A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


18.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with British Future

Manchester Central : Central 5

When is immigration good for Britain?

How should this government approach immigration? Will it continue to be a polarising issue or could changing public attitudes lead to more consensus?


How should the new government approach immigration after Brexit? Should the Prime Minister take a different approach to Theresa May? Will immigration continue to be a controversial and polarising issue – or could changing public attitudes lead to more consensus on how to get immigration and integration policy right for Britain? Join us to discuss how immigration policy can strike a balance to regain public trust after Brexit.


17.45 Institute of Economic Affairs & The TaxPayers' Alliance

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Socialism: Future or failure? (balloon debate)

Hear our speakers debate the ideology that some call a 'utopia' and others call 'a failed idea that never dies'. Have your own say too!


Come one, come all to the IEA and TPA's co-hosted balloon debate on socialism. Hear our speakers give their two-minute pitch on the ideology that some call a 'utopia' and others call 'a failed idea that never dies'. And have your own say too!


12.45 Bright Blue with Electoral Reform Society

Jury's Inn Manchester : Rochdale Suite

Fair and free: ensuring the integrity of elections in the UK

In light of concerns about foreign interference and funding in recent votes, what can be done to ensure elections in this country remain free and fair


16.00 ECR Party

Manchester Central : Exchange 9

European Conservatism in an Age of Populism

We are pleased to welcome you to an international discussion on conservative values in the volatile political landscape brought to being by populism


Global Conservatism in an age of Populism This panel discussion will focus on the rise in populism and examine the dangers it may pose for global conservatism. It will question if the recent spike in the amount of populist parties and their success in elections will create a long-term shift in the political spectrum or if this will be a short-term trend.

18.00 Adam Smith Institute

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Free Trade in a Global Britain

An expert panel discussion on the opportunities, benefits, and challenges of free trade arrangements in a post-Brexit Britain.


The UK is on the brink of gaining control of its trade policy. In order to capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit, the UK must be outward looking and embrace free trade with the rest of the world, especially countries with which we have a longstanding relationship. This panel will discuss the ways in which we can revitalise UK industry through global free trade, the benefits of creating relationships with the rest of the world, and how global trade can deliver the best outcomes for the UK.

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