A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


22.00 Humanists UK

Midland Hotel : Lancaster

Right to leave? Global intolerance towards non-religious apostates

Late night-drinks reception with Humanists UK on supporting apostates around the world, with Lord Ahmad, the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Freedom


The right to freedom of religion or belief should be afforded to all, but in practice many people are severely persecuted around the globe, including the non-religious. Join our late-night drinks reception to hear from speakers with a first-hand and expert understanding of the issues facing apostates and learn what we can do to realise the right to freedom or belief for all.


10.15 Institute of Economic Affairs and the Centre for Social Justice

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

DEBATE: Is there a case for recreational cannabis legalisation?

Should the UK legalise recreational cannabis? The IEA and CSJ go head to head in this debate, chaired by Isabel Oakeshott.


Advocates of cannabis legalisation argue this would lead to safer consumption, easier access to emergency care, a revenue boost for the Treasury, and an expansion of our personal freedoms. Those against point to the effect of addiction on our nations most vulnerable, its negative health implications, the potential for increased consumption and the impact cannabis use can have on learning and development. Is there a case for legalisation? Join the IEA and CSJ for this debate and cast your vote!

12.45 Adam Smith Institute

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Giving the Green Light to Legal Cannabis

This joint panel with the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group will look at evidence from cannabis legalisation across the world.


The case for cannabis legalisation is powerful. Criminalisation has increased organised crime, created stronger strains, and led to undesirable street dealing. More Britons support a legal, regulated cannabis market than oppose it. International experience underlines the importance of a regulatory system that is simple to understand, adequately resourced, and properly planned. We must ensure evidence, not hyperbole, guides the debate around the future of Britain’s recreational cannabis market.

18.00 The Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group

Manchester Central : Exchange 7

Drinks Reception

Discussion and networking for all interested in drug policy reform. Refreshments available.


Please join the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group for a discussion over drinks on evidence based avenues for harm reduction in UK drug policy.

20.00 Conservative drug policy reform group

Manchester Central : Exchange 2 & 3 Combined

Is Pragmatic Policing Driving Drug Policy Reform

Please join the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group for a panel discussion on policing the war on drugs. Dinner and drinks available.


Please join the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group for a panel discussion on pragmatic policing and the war on drugs. Chaired by Times columnist Hugo Rifkind and with panelists Neil Woods - former undercover policeman and Drug Wars author, Mike Barton - 'Britain's most innovative police chief' and Crispin Blunt former justice minister . We hope to see you there for this fascinating discussion where we will be providing hot food and drink.

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