A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


08.00 Institute of Economic Affairs and Aurora

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Time to Lead: The case for medical cannabis

Doctors can now describe medical cannabis in certain circumstances but can Britain take bolder action and lead from the front?


Developed nations are increasingly looking to medical cannabis as treatment for conditions such as chronic pain. Although UK doctors have been allowed to prescribe medicinal cannabis since November 2018, patients continue to report difficulties accessing the drug. Is it time Britain took bolder action and lead from the front? What can the UK do to help widen access to medical cannabis? Can the UK become a world leader in this area of innovative healthcare? (Breakfast, tea & coffee served)

09.00 Institute of Economic Affairs

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

Paternalism Overload: Has the Nanny State gone too far?

Public health policy is dominated by puritanical objectives, but what is the right balance between protecting the vulnerable and the freedom of adults


Force is a tactic used by politicians of all parties when it comes to controlling our lifestyles and personal decision-making. From banning adverts of strawberries and cream on public transport, to Scotland's minimum alcohol pricing policy, our public health policy has become dominated by puritan objectives. What is the right balance between protecting the vulnerable and the freedom of adults? What are the differences between public and private health issues? Has the Nanny State gone too far?

17.30 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

The CEN Manifesto: Votes grow on Trees

What is the political role that environmental policies can play and how can the CEN Manifesto's conservative ideas contribute to that debate?


The environment is the top issue for young voters, and polling shows that 71% of the public believes climate change to be more pressing than Brexit. The panel will discuss the political role that environmental policies can play in any future election, what those environmental policies should look like, and the role of free market, conservative solutions in any future election campaign. How can Conservatives combat renationalisation policies proposed by the left that could do economic harm?


10.15 Institute of Economic Affairs and the Centre for Social Justice

Manchester Central : The Think Tent

DEBATE: Is there a case for recreational cannabis legalisation?

Should the UK legalise recreational cannabis? The IEA and CSJ go head to head in this debate, chaired by Isabel Oakeshott.


Advocates of cannabis legalisation argue this would lead to safer consumption, easier access to emergency care, a revenue boost for the Treasury, and an expansion of our personal freedoms. Those against point to the effect of addiction on our nations most vulnerable, its negative health implications, the potential for increased consumption and the impact cannabis use can have on learning and development. Is there a case for legalisation? Join the IEA and CSJ for this debate and cast your vote!

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