A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


08.00 Institute for Government, Royal College of Nursing and Cancer Research UK

Manchester Central : Exchange 10

What does spending uncertainty mean for the health and care service?

What impact will the Spending Review delay have on the health and care service?


A full three-year Spending Review, originally planned for this Autumn, has been delayed until 2020. This Spending Review would provide certainty for critical parts of the health service that are not covered by the £20bn of additional NHS funding pledged by the Government last year. What impact will this delay have on the health and care workforce and on the system’s ability to provide safe and effective care for patients? What should the Government prioritise in the Spending Review?

16.00 The Smith Institute and the FDA

Midland Hotel : Fairclough

Impartiality Matters

Civil service impartiality matters. But is the civil service now lacking it, are accusations of political bias well founded and what needs to change?


Speakers: Oliver Dowden MP (Minister for the Cabinet Office) - Invited; Sir Bernard Jenkin MP (Chair of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee); Dave Penman (General Secretary of the FDA); Chair: Bronwen Maddox (Director of the Institute for Government)


13.00 Politeia

The Castlefield Rooms, 18-20 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ : Brindley

Seize the Moment – Setting the UK’s Economy Free after Brexit

How can the UK set the economy free? What should its plan for exit be? How can the political obstacles to Brexit be overcome?


-How can the UK set the economy free? -What should its plan for exit be? -How can the political obstacles to Brexit be overcome?

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