A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


09.00 ZeroC campaign

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

ZeroC: how market based mechanisms can get us to Net Zero

Discussing how market-based mechanisms help transition a net zero economy where carbon polluters pay and the less well-off are not unfairly impacted


The UK government has committed to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050, but a goal alone is not enough. We will explore how putting a price on carbon emissions can make those most responsible for pollution pay whilst ensuring those who can least afford it won’t be unfairly penalised & how might this work in practice. The ZeroC campaign is calling for the introduction of General Carbon Charge, to account for carbon pollution within the price of goods & return the money raised to citizens.

16.30 All Party Parliamentary Groups on Legal Aid, Pro Bono and Public Legal Education

Slater and Gordon LLP, 58 West Mosley St, : Boardroom

How do we deal with the access to justice gap?

Manchester M2 3HZ


A discussion with the local legal community about the respective contributions of legal aid, pro bono, public legal education (eg Streetlaw) and Legaltech, in Greater Manchester and beyond, following up the Ministry of Justice's review and Legal Support Plan.


08.00 Conservative Environment Network

Manchester Central : Central Rooms 3 & 4

How councils can breathe easier on air quality

Discussion of the role of local government in improving air quality and hear from councillors about how they’re tackling air pollution.


Estimated to cause 64,000 premature deaths per year and cost the UK economy £22.6 billion per year, we must ensure that children grow up with cleaner air. The Clean Air Strategy and upcoming Environment Bill offer increased local powers to promote targeted action. How can we utilise local ideas, alongside traditional approaches such as clean air zones, investment in cycle routes and electric buses, promotional campaigns and increasing EV charging points?

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