A security pass is required at all times to attend events in either of the secure Conference venues, Manchester Central or The Midland Hotel.


08.30 Dexcom

Manchester Central : PLMR Business Hub

Placing technology at the heart of the healthcare system: how to improve access to support for patients across the UK

Panel event exploring how UK can maximise benefits of - and better harness - technology in healthcare for patients and families


09.30 ConservativeHome in partnership with Nationwide

Manchester Central : Central 5

What’s the future for the private rented sector? – Invitation only, please email events@conservativehome.com for more information

A small private roundtable discussion with a senior Government Minister on the private rented sector, in partnership with Nationwide Building Society.


A small private roundtable discussion with a senior Government Minister on the private rented sector, in partnership with Nationwide Building Society.


15.00 ConservativeHome in partnership with Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Manchester Central : Central 5

Could low-income voters hold the key to the next election?

Join leading thought leaders for a timely exploration of how the Conservative Party can best appeal to low-income voters


Recent analysis from JRF reveals that higher turnout and more switching between parties means low-income voters could hold the key to the next election. But as politics continues to be dominated by Brexit, how can the parties best appeal to this group? To provoke discussion, JRF will present findings from a major research programme into what low-income voters want, how they have behaved in recent elections, as well as the first ever public mapping of their distribution across key marginal seats.

16.15 techUK & Tata Consultancy Services

Manchester Central : Central 8

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: the role of technology in turbocharging the economy

The UK tech sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the economy – to truly turbocharge the economy after Brexit we must look at the role of tech


Whether its cloud infrastructure, automation & AI or the Internet of Things, adoption of technology has become the most productivity-enhancing activity any business can do. This fringe will explore the role of technology in turbocharging the whole economy. How do we embed technology in every sector? How do we equip the workforce of the future with the skills they need to adapt? How could Government support the development, deployment and adoption of these life-changing tools?

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